Saturday, 3 November 2018

Mountains in the Sky

Namaskar all, Angel Light here!

I'm back now after a long period of writer's block! A lot has happened in these past few months - sometimes inspiring, sometimes depressing - but each day always carries a new lesson to learn about life. :)

The following lines are my attempt to describe the constant hope I feel for a brighter future:

One morning, I was driving alone,

Inching away from my small sleepy town.

Stopped by the library for a wink,

And was now waiting to turn

Left, left, left...

So who told me to look up?

But I did, and - lo and behold! -

I saw mountains in the sky.

Since when did these cotton pillows

Look ever so blue and mighty?

From where did you get your strength?

Could it have been the sherbet rays

Heralding the birth of a new dawn,

Or the fires raging down below

Announcing the death of old leaves?

But no matter... it was time to turn.

I drove back onto the shadowed track,

Having woken up with a smile.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018


Namaskar all, Angel Light here!

I normally don't rhyme here, but I had an idea that I simply couldn't put down - so I took the time to make it rhyme (as you can see, I'm already on a roll here :P), and below is the result of this. I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it for all of you today:

I'm tired of this greedy world,
This giant blue-green marble swirled
And twisted to the kings' delight
While poor men roast in scorching light.

I'm tired of the dogs that bark
Their judgments and their cruel remarks,
While claiming that they're free to roam -
With lustful eyes they run from home.

I'm tired of the way things are -
You're seldom near and often far.
The heart's resentment brews beneath
While love is buried underneath.

I'm tired of this world of war,
With blood and tears and screams galore
And politicians fattened up
With bloody cash - a life per cup.

I'm tired of it all, my dear,
Of constantly living in fear,
In pain and anger, rue and doubt...
I wish there was a turnabout.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

The Battle Within

Namaskar all, Angel Light here!

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Father's Day, first off! :) While I can say I'm closest to my mom, I'm also daddy's little girl in some ways. For example, I wanted to follow in his footsteps and become an engineer! (Of course, I ended up in a different field later on - but my dad was at least proud of me for trying.) I also appreciate his criticism, no matter how harsh it may sound, because I know he and Mom want me to become a stronger person through this tough love.

With that, I have a super short poem this time! I don't often rhyme, but this time I felt inspired. I hope this helps others as well who might relate to this:

I was trapped in a cage
With the PAIN and the RAGE
Of an animal caught
From the wild - and I fought
With the million chains
That were bound to the heart,
For I knew that someday
I would break them apart!

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Oh No...

Namaskar all, Angel Light here!

Without giving an intro here, I want to dive into this poem with complete improvisation. Let's see what happens!

Today the heart sounds restless -

Tick-tock, tick-tock, with the clock -

As I stare across a green horizon...

Oh no! What's wrong with my heart?

It aches and trembles all at once -

Has it been struck

By a sharp, sweet dagger?

No, please don't dig in deeper,

Lest it reawakens -

I refuse to accept the flutters

Of its bandaged wings!

The perfumed damp earth

Intoxicates me,

Torments me,

Tempts me,

To take the forbidden fruit.

I refuse to come near, for I know

The poison that hides beneath the flesh.

And I refuse to be consumed

By the ever-creeping thought -

Through your presence,

Through your absence,

Through your words and

Through your silence,

Am I becoming


Addicted to you?

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

No Spring Without Rain

Namaskar all, Angel Light here!

I know, I skipped April this time - sorry! Things have been pretty hectic last month, especially with new changes made in my schedule to maintain a (ahem) 'healthier lifestyle'. :P

Anyway, on to May! (Oh wow, that rhymed! :D)

Spring is finally in full bloom here. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the wind feels nice and warm... so why am I missing the rain?

A pure white light welcomes me

As I step out of the shadows,

Wiping off the last remnants

Of a long restless slumber.

The mischievous wind,

Quietly stealing warm rays and

Perfume from the new blossoms,

Carries them over to me

And escorts me towards the golden day.

Though my heart rejoices

At the splendor of a newborn spring,

It thirsts for the torrential rain

That gave life to this land -

The silver tears that struck like spears,

The cold nights when the wind would howl,

Amethyst lightning that painted the clouds,

The raw scent of the trembling ground...

Without the true sorrows of rain,

We'd never know the beauty of sunshine.

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Chocolate Blues

Namaskar all, Angel Light here!

So I had been planning a poem for February... but not long after publishing my Valentine's Day post on TFTH, I found out the news of the Parkland school shooting. After that, I simply didn't have the heart to post anything new on either blog for a while...

While I feel it's not my place to comment on a tragic event like this, I will say one thing: I admire the spirit of the young survivors. I've always believed that children are our future, and their determination to bring about positive change is proof of this. As adults, we should learn from this experience. We should know better and do better, if not for ourselves than at least for them... because one child lost is always one too many. <3

Moving on... the following lines are improvised. I have no idea where I'm going with this, save for a couple of things I've learned from my life so far:

We were born a little different,
My brother, sister and I -
Tinier than all the rest,
And we would hardly cry.

The ocean of Mom's endless love
Nurtured us, and we grew...
But each mind grew much quicker
Than the body could catch up to.

We spoke to each other in babbles,
Understood things in strange ways -
Then one day, Mom discovered that
This was more than just a phase.

Throughout our young and tender years,
She helped us with our speech.
She showed us the strength of our bond -
'Help each other,' she would teach.

My sister is the parrot,
Charm and wit attract her friends.
My brother is the wise young owl -
He guides us through life's bends.

And as for me, the awkward dove,
Expectations were up to the sky -
Coding and writing are my strengths,
And music's my greatest high!

Together, the three of us are strong.
Torn apart, we stumble and fall...

For now, I'll sing the chocolate blues
Till the memories come back to us all.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018


Namaskar all, Angel Light here!

So it seems we're settling into this new year by now, with the month of January almost gone. For us, it also marks the end of the second month for Mom's recovery from her knee replacement surgery. Things have been quite rough for her at times, but I'm glad to see her condition improving at this point - and hope that it only gets better from here. :)

The following lines are a collection of thoughts I've gathered recently, during my short walks in this winter chill:

Here stand the naked trees, all in a somber row,

Their branches shooting up towards the sky

Like lightning bolts from the earth.

Without a single drop of snow,

Without even a blanket of frost,

This land with its frozen pond

Has become the paradise of death.

As I walk along in this chilly scene,

The wind tugs at my coat,

Threatening to yank off my only armor

Protecting me from its stinging wrath.

And in this moment, all that I wish

Is for someone to tug at my heart like this...

Tear down all the walls I've built,

Lure me away from this land of death

And lead me to the spring fields once more!

For a breath without life

Is just a breath of survival,

As empty as a loveless sigh.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Awake in a Sleepy World

Namaskar all, Angel Light here!

So, the FCC voted to ban net neutrality rules today. It's a sad day for the Internet, especially for those of us who fought hard against the ban... but don't lose hope. The FCC may have won the battle, but they have yet to win the war. So don't give up! Please contact your Congress officials to stop the FCC and cancel the repeal - you can do so by calling 202-759-7766, or by texting "BATTLE" to 384-387.

The following lines are my humble attempt to describe the frustration of being informed in a world filled with ignorance:

Night has fallen, they whisper -

Hush now, and go to sleep.

Like milk laced with poison,

They carry false lullabies

With which they sing sweetly

To the sleepy masses

Until, one by one,

Everyone falls into a slumber...

Everyone but me,

For I have seen through the veil

And discovered such nightmares

That I lie awake each night,

Tossing and turning as I see

Each nightmare manifest itself

Into this dark reality.

'Wake up!' I cry out in desperation,

Shaking the neighbors' heaving shoulders,

'Wake up and see the truth!'

But it's too late,

For all have fallen too deep

To wake up so soon...

And so I wait impatiently,

Pacing back and forth


Until the world's longest night

Finally breaks into a new dawn.

For it's not a question of IF,

But WHEN...

Sunday, 3 December 2017


Namaskar all, Angel Light here!

I've been going through a rough period of time lately, but I'm back now. I'll be improvising on this post (as I've done a few times in the past) - I have no idea which direction to take this, so I don't know what to call it. But rest assured, I will title it once I've got it figured out. :)

I got a bit of inspiration this time while walking outside earlier this morning, so I hope to capture that inspiration here for all of you to enjoy:

My feet move swiftly to the

Rhythm of the whistling wind,

Footsteps breaking the silence

Of the ground beneath me.

The song of a hundred migrating birds

Echoes all around

An otherwise quiet scene -

They celebrate their final morning

In a slowly dying autumn

Before they soon set off

To their destination further south.

The golden white sun above

Tantalizes me with a faraway warmth,

Which slips through the chilly air

That locks me in its frozen embrace.

Walking a bit further, I see

A pair of geese that fly low together,

Their webbed feet grazing the pond's surface

Until the water splashes up behind them

Before they soar upwards towards the sky.

In all of this, I see

A world that was made for me -

For the sun does not stop shining,

And the birds do not stop singing,

And the crisp leaves do not stop









Just because I've punished myself

Endlessly for deeds of the past.




Who says there can't be a rainbow

Without a trace of rain?

Monday, 4 September 2017


Namaskar all, Angel Light here!

Last month found me in the longest writer's block I've experienced to date, so I ended up taking a break from writing while trying to find my creativity again...

And then came the full solar eclipse.

My family and I traveled down to Festus, MO two weeks ago to see this phenomenon, and it was worth the trip. The moment my brother and I saw it, we called it "the diamond ring in the sky" - it was the most beautiful two minutes of our lives, at least I'll never forget that. :)

So, moving on to the theme of this poem -

Katarina means "pure" in Greek. I wanted to experiment a little with this - what exactly defines 'purity' in today's world, and can one stay 'pure' in a world full of greed and corruption? The following lines are my attempt to answer this question:

She moves with a slow grace,

Her bare feet gliding across

The moistened earth and tear-stained grass.

The storm above wages war,

Firing countless rounds of silver bullets

To tear apart the open field

With the force of a thousand suns.

The clouds above her roar shamelessly,

Showing off their might,

Painting dark electric scars

To claim ownership of the skies...

She soon enters a forest path,

Each sigh wavering with each step.

Her lips tremble as she tastes

The salt of fallen teardrops,

And the earth's poisoned perfume

Penetrates the dense air,

While a swirling mist rises and

Weaves through the dancing trees.

Both threaten to overpower her -

But my Katarina is brave,

For bravery lies not in the lack of fear

But in the steady resolve

Of each step taken forward...

She is the river that flows towards the sea.